We solve the problem of Wire harness!
Design and fabrication, a sale maker of the automotive Wire harness such as car Lamp, the sideview mirror. If it is Wire harness, leave it to me in KUBO MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.
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About KUBO
KUBO MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. is design and fabrication, a sale maker of the Wire harness for the car.
Based on experience and the know-how that I cultivated since the formation in 1955, I meet various requests of the customer from a multi-kind, small lot correspondence to large quantities lot by the cooperation with company factory and in the country and the overseas cooperation factory.
Wire harness
Wire harness for the car head lamp
With the Wire harness, the parts such as a terminal or the connector which are connected to an electric wire conveying electricity and various apparatuses, and transmit the electricity are united meeting parts.
I am incorporated in a car, a robot, the inside of various machineries including the electronic equipment and take the role of "the neural circuit" transmitting the power supply to those various apparatuses and an electrical signal for apparatus control.
In the KUBO MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD., I handle Wire harness used for a car mainly.
Wire harness
Wire harness processing
Rear combination Lamp for the truck
Car Lamp assembling
Parts for the car
Parts sale
We support manufacturing of Japan.
I aim at the company which we keep enthusiasm, originality, work with the good faith in mind, and contributes to the society in a motto for "the trust of the customer and satisfaction". I pray when I want to work with a person with the hot thought to want to support manufacturing of Japan by their power in the bright workplace which was full of vigor. I look forward to your application that was interested in in us.
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